Corporate events

Corporate events


„Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.“ Warren Buffet


Castle Hotel Panství Dlouhá Lhota is open and ideally disposed for corporate events. We can host training, presentations, conferences, castings, competitions, team-building or any other event of your choice or your needs – either in the premises of the castle or in the „Konírna“ (» Accommodation«).

For presentation needs it is possible to use our conference room with fully equipped facilities (» Conference facilities «)

After a time of hard talks you can enjoy relax in our wellness area or just continue informal and round discussions be it with a good drink, a good meal or just a simple walk in the park



Wine cellar

Castle park

or spend your time with sports activities

Courts and Pétanque


Romantický balíček

Romantika pro 2.

Wellness balíček

Zasloužená relaxace.

Degustační balíček

Ideální dárek pro své nejbližší.